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  • I had fingerprint background checks done recently for work. Do I need to do them again?
    Yes, every person who is 18 years or older who lives in the adoptive home must have OSBI/FBI fingerprint background checks completed for adoption through DHS. There is a $50 per person processing fee.
  • I had fingerprints completed for adoption several years ago. Can I use those results?
    Yes, the FBI fingerprint results are valid for 5 years. There is a different form needed to request duplicate results, but there is no fee required. The other required background checks, the CANIS and OSBI, are valid for one year, so you need to update those results.
  • How long will the process take to complete the home study?
    It depends on you! Normally, it takes about 4 weeks to collect the documentation and complete the home study. If you are considering adoption, it is best to complete this step first!
  • What else do I need to start the adoption process?
    It is important to have a "Life Book" which is a small photo book that gives potential birth mothers a look into your family and lifestyle. This will be given to attorneys or agencies.
  • Where can I use this home study report?
    This report is valid for any private domestic adoption through any attorney or placement agency. It can also be used for interstate adoptions through the ICPC office.
  • My original home study was completed over a year ago. What do I need to update it?
    Updates require new medical assessments, reference letters, most recent tax returns and pay stubs, new OSBI and CANIS checks, home safety evaluation, and additional interviews.
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